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Welcome to Indian Neurosurgery

In the late seventies neurosurgery was beginning to develop in India and most of the neurosurgeons had very high mortality rates. Most of the cases that were being done were head injury. In the last 2 decades the field of neurosurgery has made rapid advances. Today Indian doctors are considered amongst the best in the field of neurosurgery. All cases of Brain Tumour including Brain Stem Tumour are being successfully operated by Indian Neurosurgeons. The facilities being offered by top end hospitals range from intra operative MRI, Brain Suite to Gamma Knife Surgery. Today the success rate of the top indian neurosurgeons range between 95-98 % which is comparable with any other setup anywhere in the world. Not all neurosurgeons are good in all kinds of cases as the field of neurosurgery is very vast. The idea behind this website is to guide the patients about the best treatment, best neurosurgeon and the best hospital for each brain condition.

What defines a good Neurosurgical Setup

Most of the hospitals in the country have some kind of neurosurgical services like operating on a head injury patient. Most of the cities have either a resident or visiting neurosurgeon who doesn't require a very high end operation theatre to operate on these patients. But Brain Tumour surgery, aneurysm surgery or high end spine surgery requires very precision equipments like Microscopes, Cusa and even Brain Suite. In order to achieve the best results in the field of neurosurgery the man behind the machine is more important than all these toys of the doctors. A good neurosurgical setup should have a full time neurosurgeon capable of doing most kinds of Brain and Spine Surgeries. Some neurosurgeons would excel at Brain Tumours while others would be good at doing Brachial Plexus or Spine Surgeries. Some have migrated to Gamma Knife Surgery. This site tells you about the right treatment for every brain and spine condition and also recommends the best doctor for each procedure. Neurosurgery India brings to you some of the best neurosurgeons in India and details about various neuro surgeries in India.


Top Doctors

Dr Arun Saroha - best neurosurgeon in Gurgaon, India   Dr Rana Patir - best neurosurgeon in Gurgaon, India, Best Brain Tumour Surgeon in India   Dr Sandeep Vaishya - best neurosurgeon in India, Best Spine Tumour Surgeon in India

Dr Arun Saroha


Dr Rana Patir


Dr Sandeep Vaishya

Dr Aun Saroha is one of the very fine neurosurgeons in India specializing in both spine and brain surgeries. Dr Saroha has done number of successful spine and brain surgeries in his carreer...


Dr Rana Patir is one of the best neurosurgeons in India especially for brain tumour surgeries. Dr Patir is an institution in himslef when it comes to brain tumour. He has experience of over 23 years....


Dr Sandeep Vaishya is one of the best neurosurgeons for both brain tumour surgeries and spine surgeries. He specializes in all kinds of brain tumour surgeries and spine surgeries including spine tumour...